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Since 1989, Dave has researched, invested, and taught other investors based on high-performance results.

Dave Reiter has been actively involved in the financial industry since graduating from the University of North Texas with an economics degree in 1989. Dave has been managing his own money, managing his own account, doing his own proprietary research, and providing his clients with specific investment ideas for over 30 years.

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Our Mission

Since its original inception in 1989, the goal of RCI has been to provide its clients with the most authentic research based on “outside-the-box” thinking.

RCI is a big believer in contrarian investing. Dave uses his proprietary database of research and investment tools to discover some of the most unique trading ideas for his clients.

RCI clients receive hourly, daily, weekly and monthly trading and investment strategies that you won’t find with other trading firms.

Many of Dave’s actionable trading ideas are based on disruptive technologies that most firms are not even talking about.

Our Trading Philosophy

Dave uses precise rules for all of his trading activity. He uses a checklist to make sure each trade meets his stringent criteria. No trade is taken unless it passes Dave’s strict set of guidelines. He is a rules-based trader. Dave leaves nothing to chance.

Without question, Dave’s primary focus is “preservation of capital.” His entire trading strategy revolves around protecting his investment capital.

Dave is a big believer in “cut your losses and let your profits run.” Without question, this is the best way for traders to gain a small “edge” in the markets, and this is the key to enjoying a successful trading career.


Our Money-Back Guarantee

Reiter Capital Investments, LLC offers a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your RCI subscription, simply request a refund within the first 365 days, and you will receive a complete 100% refund.

Several of the RCI subscription plans offer specific trading ideas taken from Dave’s personal trading account. If these trades fail to generate a profit, RCI will provide a 100% refund.

Dave Reiter has extreme confidence in the trades that he places in his personal account and is confident that your trades will be successful as well!

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